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Simply Drink More Water to Improve Your Health

Diet & Detox Specialist Michale Hartte says that most of us go through our day in a state of dehydration.  Our brain functions, digestion, and many other systems simply work better if we are drinking enough water.

Yes, You Can Still Drink Coffee

Many of us love our coffee!  You have probably heard people say,

'Avoid coffee because it will dehydrate your body!'

While there is an element of truth to that, if you are dying of thirst and the only thing you find is a big mug of coffee, your body will see it as water.  Flavoured water is still water.


Drink the coffee AND have a glass of water with it

Drink Water With Alcohol

The same goes for alcoholic beverages.  Beer and and other alcoholic drinks can dehydrate your body.  Unless you buy beer in the 'lite; section. Flavoured water is still water. Just sayin'!

Whatever you are drinking, your body will thank you if you also drink water.


Have a glass of water with your alcoholic beverages

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