Course Launch Roadmap & Online Membership

Launch Your Online Course in 14 Days!

Take your course ideas from inspiration to online in 14 Days. Learn all the steps with this Course Launch Roadmap and Online Membership Course.


Why Create an Online Course?

  • Help Many People With Your Expertise

    Help hundreds or thousands of people with your valuable insights.

  • Create Golden Eggs

    Your course could pride a wealth of benefits for your professional life, including:

    • Sales for the course itself.
    • Great credibility as an expert in your field.
    • Increased interest in your other courses, products and services.
  • Create the Life & Business You Want

    What would a steady income from courses sales do for your life and business?  Allow you to expand your business? Create better balance? Create choices and opportunities?

Delivered through eBook, email, webinars, private Facebook group and membership site. Cancel Any Time. 

Course Launch Roadmap Contents

Here is what is covered in the Course Launch Roadmap

  • Day 1: Choose Your Course Topic

  • Day 2: Outline Your Course Content

  • Day 3: Brainstorm a Great Name for Your Course

  • Day 4: Write an Introduction and First Lessons

  • Day 5: Create a Free Givaway as a Sales Carrot

  • Day 6: Write Landing Page Sales Letter

  • Day 7: Create a Sales Landing Page

  • Day 8: Setup a Membership Course in Kartra

  • Day 9: Setup Email Sequences

  • Day 10: Setup Opt-in for Free Gift

  • Day 11: Setup Sales Form for Membership Course

  • Day 12: Configure and Test Your Sales Funnel

  • Day 13: Send Links for Coupons to Beta Testors

  • Day 14: Launch the Course

Also Included!

  • Post Launch Actions

    ​Engage founding member for feedback on early content.

    Complete the course modules ahead of the students.

    Continue marketing to generate sales!

  • Special Offers

    Launch Your Online Course in 14 Days with Kartra Course

    Launch Your Online Course in 14 Days with the Kartra Whisperer

Membership Course

Launch Your Online Course in 14 Days with Kartra

Learn how to implement all of the steps in the Course Launch Roadmap.

  • Zoom, Webinar, and Facebook Live Training Sessions.

  • Questions answered in the sessions and in the Facebook Group.

  • Training materials sent by email.

  • Training materials and additional resources available in your Membership Area.

Great Bonuses!

Kartra Whisperer Masterclass
Help exploring and mastering Kartra

Value $97 per month.

Marketing Transformations Masterclass
Marketing insights including, video, copywriting, and social media for use in your business

Value $97 per month.

Special Price!

$97 per Month
Cancel at any time.

(though why would you want to?)

Founder Discount!

Save $90 per Month

Limited Time Special

That is only $7 per Month for the Membership Course and the Great Bonuses!

Launch your Course in 14 Days and you could earn 10 to 100 times that per month with the right course for your audience with a great offer.


Worth a shot?

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Done With You

Launch Your Online Course in 14 Days with the Kartra Whisperer

Work with Greg Dixon to implement all of the components in the Course Launch Blueprint and the Membership Program.


Get your course implemented and launched fast so you can start helping people and earning money!


Includes the Membership Program and all of the Bonuses offered on this page.


  • Help with your Kartra configuration

  • Help implementing the 14 Day Course Launch Roadmap

  • Help with the Post Launch Actions and Marketing

  • Rinse and Repeat.  Advice for creating your next course.  The more golden eggs the better!

$1497 One-Time Payment 


Three Payments of $527

Limited to 7 New Clients
Includes a phone consultation to determine compatibility and if you are close to having a winning course idea.

I will refund your payment in full if we determine you are not read to launch yet.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are answers to common questions.

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Is this for me if I already have a course prepared?

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What is the Kartra Whisperer Masterclass Program?

Earn Money as an  Affiliate 

Earn 40% as an affiliate for these programs



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About Greg Dixon

Greg Dixon was a beta tester for the Kartra program and part of the first launch. He has used most of the features of the Kartra platform and appreciates the new features added regularly. Greg's background in copywriting, video production, music, and website development. He was a Systems Architect in the IT world in a former life.