Why I Created Happy Camper Bedroom Bliss

A few years ago I found myself single after a long relationship and raising two boys.

It was an amicable split and I saw it coming for years.

I decided that if I ever wanted to be in another relationship, I needed to learn more about women.

  • How their bodies work.
  • What they value in a relationship.
  • What intimacy meant to them. 
  • What I didn't know I didn't know!

Women Friends


I had something of a head start in that most of my friends have been women, starting in high school.  I got stuck in the "friend zone" early for a number of reasons. I was shy. I was raised by a single mother and was mostly horrified by the way males talked about women and treated their wives and girlfriends.


Since then I have continued to spend a lot of time with women who were surprising willing to educate me on everything from romance to anal sex. I will provide future articles on these matters. Very entertaining and enlightening!


Professional Training


Following that theme, I sought out professional sex and relationship training from women.

That led me in to Susan Bratton's world, then Gabrielle Moore, then I came across a video program made by two female porn stars.


I must confess that I was mildly disappointed that the two women were not completely naked and were almost clinical in their descriptions. They had a rubber model of a vulva that they used to explain certain techniques. Their scantily clothed demonstrations of positions and strategies was both informative and sexy.


Online Dating


I signed up for Match.com almost on a whim. I thought it would be part of my education to read profiles about what women were looking for in a relationship. I learned a lot that I will share in another article.


I went on two and a half dates before meeting Bonnie.


One of the things that impressed her was that I took the effort to educate myself on all things woman.


We are coming up on our third wedding anniversary.


I created Happy Camper Bedroom Bliss to help others create delightful relationships.


Greg Dixon


"I don't know why The Creator created women the way they are, but I am glad he did!"


Terrence Young

Native Artist

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