Trading Fours: Making Sweet Music In Bed

Take turns delighting each other

In playing music, especially jazz, there is a tradition of trading solos among the group. Each musician will take turns improvising a solo for a fixed number of bars.  The usual numbers are 4, 8, and 16.  Or sometimes a whole verse or a verse and chorus.


This allow band members who often take a supporting role like bass or drums to take the spotlight.


It also brings a fresh energy to the performance.


We bring the same approach into the bedroom, with each partner taking turns taking the lead in pleasing their partner.


You can experiment with how often to switch.


You could make it quick and snappy, or you could take your time in a languid, luxurious lovemaking session.


Pay attention to your partners cues and reactions to help sense when it is time to move to the next pleasure.

 Delicious Activities to Add to the Mix

  • Sensual Massage. 
    A good place to start. 

  • More attention to the erogenous zones.
    While touching most parts of the body can bring pleasure, your partner may have special areas. Part of the fun is finding them!  

  • Oral Delight.
    Little kisses in special spots is almost always welcome. 

  • Simple Missionary Position.
    Tried and true.

  •  Switch Positions  
    Take turns being on top and bottom. Try a variety of positions from Kuma Sutra, other traditions, and your imagination.  

The most important thing is ~ Have Fun!




"Music is the mediator between the

spiritual and the sensual life."


Ludwig van Beethoven 


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