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You Are My Sunshine

5 reasons to step outside and get your rays

I grew up in the Los Angeles area and just assumed everyone had access to sunny days.


Later in my life, I moved to the beautiful Northwest with the tall green trees and lovely scenic waterways.  


After a few months realized how much I craved the sunshine. The reason I think I stayed so happy was each month I traveled to Southern Oregon and got my sunshine hit. 


Fast forward I had married moved to Canada and was living in Vancouver BC. It wasn't until Winter 2018 that my husband Greg and I said what are we doing in Vancouver BC with the rain, overcast, and the occasional snowstorm?


We could be down in sunny Southern California visiting my Dad and siblings for the winter.  We stuck it out but decided to come down for winter 2019. 


Gotta say we are feeling the sunny difference! 


So if you are living up north of the 37th parallel, just stay inside your house or at your job. You might consider a Vitamin D supplement. I like Carlson Laboratories Cod Liver Oil with Vitamin A and D, or you could opt for just the Vitamin D either liquid drops,capsules or tabs. 

 Here are the 5 reasons  I get my 10-15 minutes of sunshine every day! 

  1. Weight Control -Sunlight will rev up your metabolism. 
    Small doses each day 5 - 10 minutes will make a difference. 

  2. Sleep Better- Sunlight will help you get a better night's sleep.
    Start with a dose - about 20 minutes before 10 am of sunshine in the morning. As the sunshine hits the retina of the eye you will produce the hormone melatonin that will release later in the evening to help you sleep at night! 

  3. Better Mood-Sunlight will put you in a better mood.
    Exposing yourself to sunlight increases the hormone Serotonin which is known to help people to feel calm and focused. 

  4. Feel Happier -Sunshine is essential to produce Vitamin D.
    Vitamin D is called the Happy Vitamin or liquid sunshine. If you live north of the 45 parallel you may consider taking  Vitamin D to supplement the natural sunshine of southern neighbors. Often low levels of Vitamin D are associated with Seasonal affective disorder ( SAD).

  5.  Lowers Blood Pressure  
    When sunlight hits our skin we produce Nitric Oxide which helps lower our Blood Pressure. Keeping blood pressure under control is crucial for a long and healthy life!  


Vitamin D You can be easily tested for Vitamin D deficiency




"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."

Anthony J. D'Angelo       


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