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Want More Delight In Your Love Life?

We are launching this site along with a Facebook Page, books, and membership programs to help you explore intimacy with your partner.


Fun Facts ~ Positions & Techniques ~ Toys ~ Intimacy Insights ~ Recommended Resources ~ Stories ~ Sexual Adventures ~ Delightful Homework Assignments ~ Answers to Questions ...


We aim to provide a safe and fun place to explore your sexuality. You will sometimes be surprised and we strive not to offend.


Of course, people have different levels of modesty and curiosity and the content will not be for everyone.


We also recognize that there is a spectrum of gender identifications and physical configurations in the human family. While there is generally no avoiding descriptions of gender-based body parts of the receiver of sensual attention, the giver is not required to be of the opposite sex.


Accessories and imagination can help you improvise the ideas to make them work for you.


Have Fun!


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Bedroom Bliss Membership Program

Check out our Happy Camper Bedroom Bliss Membership Program. We are just getting started adding a wide range of articles, tips, and hands-on guides to explore in the bedroom.

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The simple eBook is a hands-on guide to creating a delightful sensual experience with your special woman ~ over and over again. Follow the roadmap or improvise to create loving connections.

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