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    Learn how her body works and what she likes to make love like a Yoni Whisperer.

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Main Topics Released Over Time

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  • Intimacy

    What does intimacy look like to you?

  • Your Body is a Wonderland

    A look at our amazing human bodies.

  • Sex Education

    Some resources for learning about intimacy, sexuality, and simply having better sex.

  • 60 Going On 16

    We are not growing up any time soon and seem to get younger every day.

  • Why Not Once a Day?

    Is there a reason not to make love every day? If you are only being intimate on your birthday, your relationship is in trouble!

  • A Fortunate Malfunction

    Sometimes men don't come as easily or quickly as they age, which can be a good thing for their partner.

  • Remembering / Imagining the Other

    Vivid imagination, empathy, telepathy, and possible past-life memories can allow you to feel what it is like to have the body of the other gender.  This may be too strange for some, though it will help your connection and lovemaking.

  • A Walk On The Wild Side

    Different strokes for different folks. We will explore some of the more adventurous expressions of sexuality.

  • Cuddles

    Non-sexual closeness that is important for building intimacy.

  • Chi Flow & Spiritual Connection

    We look at more energetic and spiritual connections with intimacy.

  • Dance With Me

    Bonnie describes West Coast Swing dancing as floorplay or 4 minutes of safe-sex, over and over again. We explore the sensual delight of dance.

  • Agape

    Love, especially as distinct from erotic love or emotional affection.

  • Touching

    Intimate connections start with touch. Everyone has different preferences.

  • Pleasing the Girls

    A lot of attention to the breasts.

  • Anal Exploration

    Not for anyone but worth considering.

  • Positions

    Kama Sutra and many other positions to try to spice up your bedroom bliss.

  • When Parts Are Missing

    Not everyone has all of the usual body parts. Explore ways to be sensual with what you have.

  • Fun Facts and Videos

    We will pass on fun and inspiring facts and videos we come across.

  • Orgasmic Meditation

    A practice worth trying.

  • Orange is the New Black

    Some interesting sex practices from the edgy Orange is the New Black series on Neflix.

  • A Proper Rogering

    Sometimes sex can be on the raw side.

  • Toys

    Toys can add a lot of spice to your love play..

  • Loving Like a Woman

    Even if you are male, you can learn to satisfy a woman like a woman could.

  • When Parts Don't Work

    Age, illness, and injuries can cause body parts to not work as usual. Here are tips for using what to have to explore sensuality.

  • Just My Imagination

    Most of your sexual experience happens between the ears. No matter shape your body is in, you can enjoy sex with your imagination.

  • Playing With The Boys

    Male parts like to be touched too!

  • Guest Experts

    We are looking to collaborate with sex and intimacy experts to share their insights with you!

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