Dance With Me ~ Floorplay

Three minutes of safe sex ~ over and over again

I met Bonnie on Her handle was Dance With Me.


In her profile, she said she "liked to dance and be touched."


I was in for the touching part, but not sure of the dancing part.


On our first date (we walked and talked for many hours), Bonnie made a great pitch for learning how to dance.


She called it 'floorplay' or 'three minutes of safe sex, over and over again.


I had watched a dance movie where a beautiful young woman did the tango in a sexy red dress. Someone called it 'sex on hardwood.'


Her clinching closer was this:


If you learn to dance, you will never have any trouble meeting women




Indeed, I have seen this in play many times. We went to see a young band in a club in Gastown in Vancouver. There was a dapper gentleman near 80 years old who was a very smooth dancer. 


He spent most of the evening dancing with women in their 20s.


I am not the most natural dancer and attended many beginning classes for West Coast Swing.  So I danced with a lot of young woman in their 20s. I will probably never be as smooth as the older gent in the club!

 Dance Movies

Keep Dancin' You Sexy Thing!




"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."


Martha Graham


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