Happy Healthy Camper Life

Yoga, meditation, healthy eating and tips for a living a happy, healthy life

What does your happy healthy life look like?

Love the open road of the RV lifestyle? Like to travel? Live in a small space? 


Want to enjoy every moment with a healthy body and mind?


We can help with tools and practices to use every day to create a life you love.


Yoga is an ancient practice to improve the body and soul.  Perfect for small spaces, wide-open spaces, and everything in between.


Meditation puts you in tune with your highest self and opens up your best experience of life.


Healthy eating is a great way to enjoy the local flavour of the places you explore.


Enjoy tips and stories of the Happy Healthy Camper Life to inspire your adventures.

We have become a mobile Coherence Hotspot.  Coherence Hotspot is a global movement endorsed by the HeartMath Institute to help people connect with themselves, the world, and their communities. 

Healthy Meals While Traveling

Bonnie Dixon

We are building out the website and related social media assets for a January 2020 launch.


Bonnie Dixon

Greg Dixon

Michele Labelle


  • You Are My Sunshine

    5 benefits of getting outside in the morning

    Bonnie Dixon

  • Drink Water for Better Health

    Greg Dixon

  • Sweet Potato Burritos

    Bonnie Dixon

  • Natural Health Travel Kit

    Bonnie Dixon

  • Capilano River RV Park

    Greg Dixon


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Bonnie Dixon

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