Hope Springs: Why Not Daily?

We watched a charming movie on Netflix called Hope Springs staring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. Their 31-year marriage had become sexless. Kay is frustrated and drags Arnold to a relationship therapist played by Steve Carell to desperately add spice back to their love life.  How is your love life?


Why Does the Bedroom Grows Cold?


There are many reasons why there could be little spark in the bedroom.

  • There may not have been much from the beginning.
    Sometimes cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, and family experiences bring a low expectation of sex into a relationship.  The obligatory weekend conjugal. Once a month.  Birthdays and special occasions.  ...
  • Busy with work and career. 
    Who has the time!
  • Children. 
    Raising children can be exhausting and their presence can make lovemaking awkward.
    "Not now Dear, the kids will hear!"
  • Medical conditions.
    Various surgeries and chronic health conditions could diminish an interest in sex. Perhaps not all of the parts are there anymore and one or more of the partners feel that sex is no longer possible or appealing. 
  • Apathy.
    You have not bothered for a long time and life continues anyway.

Do any of those reasons sound familiar to you?


Why might you be having less sex than you once did or wanted?


Why Not Everyday?


For different and diverse reasons that I will not get into here, Bonnie and I both came from relationships where sex became infrequent at best.


Somehow the question came up in our early days about how frequently to have intimacy.


"Why not every day?," was my response.



Bonnie had not thought of that possibility before, but grew to appreciate the goal.


"Indeed! Why not?


Building Daily Intimacy


Here are some things you can do to build intimacy daily.  You can slow. Or jump in the deep end right away.


  • Have a conversation.
    What do you each want?
    What are your concerns or insecurities?
  • Start with snuggling, cuddling, and other ways to build connection.
  • Look for things to do together like dancing, cooking, or gardening that could bring you closer.
  • Start with sexual activities that you are comfortable with.
  • Slowly learn about other ways of being intimate and explore within your comfort zone.
  • Add variety to your sensual sessions.

Have Fun! 


Shift sex from being a chore or obligation to a Daily Delight!


Happy Camper Bedroom Bliss is intended to help you explore with your partner daily.


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And yes, check out the Hope Springs movie together :-)


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